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Wednesday's Child...George Taylor Dillman

George Taylor Dillman 1871-1871
Dillman Cemetery

Sometime on Friday, April 28, 1871 Elizabeth Landiss Dillman knew she would soon again become a parent. Only time would tell if this new arrival would be a boy or a girl.

At age 37,  Elizabeth, along with her husband Peter, had already become parents seven times. So by April 1871, this busy Dillman household consisted of parents Peter and Elizabeth along with their six living children; Cynthia-16, John-14, David-12, Joseph-9, Susan-6 and Jemimah-4. Sadly, Peter and Elizabeth had already buried one child, Mary Jane, soon after her birth in 1854.

George Taylor Dillman was born on Friday, April 28, 1871 (based on the age at death listed on his headstone) near Leavenworth in Crawford County, Indiana. George was the eighth - of ten - children born to Peter and Elizabeth.

I don't know much about little George, but I do know that the joy his birth brought in April 1871 soon turned to grief when in December 1871 his short life came to an end. According to his headstone he was 8 months 2 days old when he died. He was buried in Dillman Cemetery located near Curby in Crawford County, Indiana.

His headstone reads:
George Taylor
son of
Peter &
Elizabeth D
Dec 30, 1871
8 Mo. 2 D

There is a dove in relief at the top of his headstone. The dove on a child's headstone usually means 'innocence'.

(George Taylor Dillman - Lisa's Paternal 3X Great Uncle)

Wednesday’s Child blog postings include photos of gravestones of children. A sad topic but posts can give life to the stories of these young souls.

Wednesday’s Child is a genealogical blogging prompt suggested by Thomas MacEntee at GeneaBloggers.

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