Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wednesday's Child - Anna B Seiter

Anna Seiter was the second of ten children born to Christopher and Cecelia (Stierle) Seiter. She was born on Wednesday, March 6, 1878 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.

Anna lived a short life. She died on Thursday, July 3, 1879 at home in Indianapolis. She was not quite 16 months old. According to her death record Anna died of 'Osteomalacia' - more commonly called 'Rickets' in children.

Anna is buried at St. Joseph Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Note that Anna's grave marker is written in German; her parents both having emigrated from there.)

In rickets, the growing bones of children fail to mineralize properly, which means they are too flexible. Caused by inadequate calcium and phosphorus bone levels this causes pain, tenderness and bones to break easily. Once the child starts to walk the long bones bend under the weight of the child, resulting in the bowed legs characteristic of the disease. If the child is crawling, rather than walking, the arm bones can also be affected. Rickets was a common childhood disease in 19th century America.

(Anna Seiter - Khris's Maternal Grand-Aunt.)

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